Professor McCann is a master public speaker that is also a master teacher OF public speaking. He helped coach my colleagues and I on everything from best practices to the most detailed of subtle nuances of developing effective presentations, writing captivating speeches and more-than-effectively delivering one’s message via public speaking. Professor McCann also has a unique gift of being able to give feedback in a very neutral and respectful tone. Anyone can critique form or function, but not everyone can give feedback in a way which the recipient feels respected and uplifted as a result of receiving it. UCLA Anderson is lucky to have Professor McCann as a member of their roster, and if you every have an opportunity to take a course with him there or in his consulting firm, I highly recommend it.
Eric Rosen
Manager of Business Development

Bob earned very high marks for a session on Persuasion that he led as part of one of our high potential leader programs for our property executives. He took great care and planning to understand our business and the audience. The end result showed. Participants appreciated his style and that he related to the industry – specifically linking the material to their challenges.
Tim Tobin
Vice President – Global Learning and Leadership Development
Marriott International, Inc.

We take presentations for granted because we do them so often, but there is a world of difference between a presenter who understands how to reach his audience and a presenter who thinks he simply needs to convey information. Working with Dr. McCann helped me to realize just how many presentations by experienced managers have cluttered slides and dry content that ultimately prevent them from being engaging or persuasive.
Daniel Zarovy
Director of Product Management

Dr. McCann’s advice and guidance are extremely useful to me in communicating complex, technical and sensitive topics under intense, high-pressure situations. He helped me focus on the core of the message clearly and strategically set the stage for negotiations. Dr. McCann’s excellent speaking skills, approachability, multicultural awareness, and his unique personal and professional background will make him a great coach and a mentor for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills.
Tin Zaw
Senior Technical Architect, AT&T

I would like to extend to you my deepest gratitude for sharing your time and knowledge with the UCLA Career Center Staff as our keynote speaker. We have received an overwhelming positive response to your presentation and the information you shared. Not only was it interesting and very relevant to our work in the Career Center, but your style of presentation is very enjoyable. I can see why you have won an award for teaching! I have enjoyed meeting you and truly appreciate the effort you put into making our Staff Development Conference a success.
Sheila Benko, MS, MFT
Conference Organizer and Career Counselor
UCLA Career Center