Presenting with Data

Purpose and Overview

Data is abundant and overwhelming in today’s workplace. It is essential to know how to use data to interpret, guide and persuade your colleagues in and across departments and divisions, as well as to sales prospects, managers, subordinates, the public, the press, and the community, just to name a few.

In this executive training program, which is grounded in academic theory and findings, leading professors in the field of communication, psychology, and business will provide you the opportunity to use your own data to build dynamic, persuasive, and easy to follow presentations.

Structure and Goals

The McCann Group Presenting with Data program teaches you not only how to extract the most relevant information for your goals, but also how to present these data effectively, clearly, with authority, and in a compelling and persuasive manner. These extraction and presentation skills are essential for success in the current business environment.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Create a strategically sound plan of action for data presentation
  • Define data presentation goals and objectives which drive visual design
  • Identify which data drives action, why and how to use it
  • Lead your audience in a strategic manner to the conclusions and take-aways that you want your audience to have from your data
  • Develop strategies to refine data and dialogue or to readjust which types of data are being used
  • Answer questions about data structure and analysis
  • Learn how to collect the right data to apply your strategies to drive results
  • Develop a skill set and set of tools to tackle any data challenge for presentation
  • Understand and practice skills for presenting data effectively through linguistic techniques, stories, and expressive speech techniques
  • Learn graphic techniques and ways to use PowerPoint to present compelling data driven stories and persuasive messages


For companies and groups, we offer 1-day sessions, 2-day sessions, and extended, multiple day sessions.  Training is conducted either on-site or off-site, depending on your preference.

Programs can be combined with other programs, or offered on their own.

Programs can be adjusted to your particular needs.

For individuals and small groups, we also offer private coaching services.

For information about the video version of this program, please contact us.