Presentation Design

Purpose and Overview

The ability to create and deliver a well organized and visually compelling presentation is a skill that can make a major difference as companies, managers, executives, and leaders vie to stay or get ahead of the pack.  In this unique and academically grounded presentation design program, our Ph.D.’s in Communication, Psychology, and Business work with top visual design experts and industry specialists to engage you in a series of hands-on exercises in the area of visual design, presentation, and persuasion.

Structure and Goals

The goal of this session is lofty, but very doable – when you leave the program you will be equipped with the knowledge to produce highly effective PowerPoint and other types of visually driven presentations.  We encourage you to bring current projects to this session as we can use these as live examples in the program.

In addition to learning revolutionary methods for producing content and slides for your next presentation, you will understand the scientific and psychological principles behind effective presentation design as a whole. This workshop will change your mindset and approach to presentations as an effective communication medium.

The Presentation Design Program is an event covering conceptual structure, strategic design, and delivery of visuals.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the needs of your audience
  • Connect how you meet those needs with structure and design
  • Practice idea generation techniques and visual thinking skills
  • Build a big idea, structure and stories for your next presentation
  • Develop charts that display data in the most meaningful ways
  • Create an executive slide summary
  • Diagram concepts and reduce complex information to its core visual components
  • Create a unified and cohesive structure for visual elements
  • Create a personalized PowerPoint template for future use
  • Choose context appropriate colors and fonts, and use proximity, contrast and other design elements to create a powerful presentation
    • Create hierarchy and flow to your presentations
    • Drive your brand via effective visual design, conveying the core elements of a great brand
    • Apply many hidden features of PowerPoint for design and presentation
    • Learn how to deliver with visuals


For companies and groups, we offer 1-day sessions, 2-day sessions, and extended, multiple day sessions.  Training is conducted either on-site or off-site, depending on your preference.

Programs can be combined with other programs, or offered on their own.

Programs can be adjusted to your particular needs.

For individuals and small groups, we also offer private coaching services.

For information about the video version of this program, please contact us.