Navigating and Communicating Legal Issues

Purpose and Overview

The McCann Group is now offering a program on navigating and communicating legal issues.  This program prepares you and your company to handle many of the pressing legal issues that frequently emerge in business today.  These areas include risk management, employment issues (e.g., discrimination, contracts, etc.), business agreements, and documentary matters.  Like all other McCann Group programs, this program is highly customizable to meet your company’s specific needs.

Structure and Goals

Leading academic and legal professionals will provide lectures and individualized, private consultations in the following areas:

Risk Management

  • Product liability
  • Premises liability
  • Other liabilities
  • Are you properly insured?

Employment issues

  • Employment at will
  • Contracts and its ramifications
  • Sexual harassment

Business Agreements

  • How to communicate legal issues internally
  • How to communicate legal issues externally
  • How to communicatively deal with ongoing litigation
  • How to keep home court advantage
  • How to use attorney fees provisions
  • How to limit challenge periods

Documentary Matters

  • The importance of communication – getting matters in writing
  • Taking the lead
  • Basic universal forms
  • Non-competes and their limitations

For companies and groups, we offer 1-day sessions, 2-day sessions, and extended, multiple day sessions.  Training is conducted either on-site or off-site, depending on your preference.

Programs can be combined with other programs, or offered on their own.

Programs can be adjusted to your particular needs.

For individuals and small groups, we also offer private coaching services.

For information about the video version of this program, please contact us.