Branding and Developing Brand Communications Strategies

Purpose and Overview

Branding your products and effectively communicating that brand is essential in determining success in marketing and building value for your products and organization. Creating, building, and managing great brands require exceptional insights, great creativity, in-depth analysis and ultimately, a highly focused communications strategy.

 We believe that while brands are unique, there are certain common qualities for success.  These include appealing to both emotion and reason, they inspire loyalty over time, they demand organization-wide commitment and support, and when managed well they inspire all stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and the investment community.

In this executive training program, which is fully grounded in academic knowledge and proven research about brand development, you will learn how identify, develop and refine brand positioning and brand building strategies..

Learning from Ph.D.s in the field of communication and psychology, we draw upon theories of management, persuasion, psychology, and small group communication which are proven to work for creating success. 

Structure and Goals

The McCann Group’s Branding and Developing Brand Communications Strategies program is custom designed to address your specific challenges in branding or redefining your products’ or organization’s brand, and addressing strategies for brand communications for all of your stakeholders and customers..  In other words, we will analyze your own company’s Brand Positioning, strategies and challenges as we work with you to develop, define, refine and build your brand strategies

Through facilitated in-class exercises, assessments and reviews, our team will analyze current and potential brand positioning and provide methods for defining your brands, assessing the brand potential and show techniques for creating outstanding brand communications strategies.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Create your brand, define your position and understand the strength and potential for your brand
  • Communicate the value of your brand
  • Use competitive strategy and research to identify, define or redefine your brand
  • Identify customer behavior/needs insight
  • Discover purchase and loyalty drivers
  • Identify, develop and define meaningful and actionable market segments
  • Examine competitive brand positioning
  • Conduct competitive brand assessments
  • Use design to enhance brand identity
  • Identify, select and enhance brand building communications
  • Use new, creative brand management tools
  • Select and understand relevant brand value measurements
  • Use marketing research and analysis to track and react to changes in brand perception and markets
  • Learn from case studies of historically successful brands
  • Integrate social marketing into your brand building strategies


  1. Padraig Riordan
    Dec 01, 2014


    I would love to get more info on Branding and Developing Communication Strategy. Do you has a video link that I can watch and learn from?

    Kind Regards,

    Advertising Student at Miami Ad School,

    Padraig Riordan

  2. Elizabeth Odumusi
    Jul 04, 2015

    Great site. I want to learn branding and communication. How do I register for your coirse. My goal is to be an expert in this field. Please help

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