Age Diversity

Purpose and Overview

In this executive training program, you will learn you will learn about workplace age culture and strategy.

We will introduce you to critical age diversity issues including age diversity culture and strategy, cross generational mentoring, age sensitive job rotation strategies, intergenerational team formation, generational engagement activities, and the role of communication in age discrimination at work. Our goals are to heighten awareness of how intergroup ageist stereotypes and biases impact older individuals, and how to overcome these biases and create a more age inclusive workplace.

For companies interested in issues of age discrimination, The McCann Group, Inc. also offers specific, preventative age discrimination training. Legal and communication experts in the area of age discrimination will work with you on a range of activities and assessments that will heighten your awareness of the role that communication can play in age discrimination litigation.

Through training such as this, it is the hope that headlines such as those below can become a thing of the past.

• 3M pays $3 million to settle age-bias suit (StarTribune, 8/22/2011)

• Allstate pays $4.5 million to settle age bias suit (Business Management Daily, 3/21/2010)

• The Ruby Tuesday Inc. restaurant chain pays $575,000 to settle a class action age discrimination lawsuit (Business Insurance, 12/10/2013)

• Hollywood writers’ age-discrimination case settled (for $70 million; Los Angeles Times, 1/23/2010)

Structure and Goals

Learning from Ph.D.s in the fields of communication, psychology, business, and law, we will draw upon training methods and content areas which we know are proven to work.  In this age diversity training program, we will utilize lectures, experiential activities, assessments, and interactive activities.  


For companies and groups, we offer 1-day sessions, 2-day sessions, and extended, multiple day sessions.  Training is conducted either on-site or off-site, depending on your preference.

Programs can be combined with other programs, or offered on their own.

Programs can be adjusted to your particular needs.

For individuals and small groups, we also offer private coaching services.

For information about the video version of this program, please contact us.